Since Tuesday 13.06.23 we have been sailing out of the inland waters and across the Wadden Sea towards Terschelling. Our original plan was to sail from Harlingen to the island of Texel, but the plan changed when we arrived in Harlingen and met two young men of our age who are both professional DJs and told us that the Oerol Festival is taking place on the island of Terschelling, where they will be playing on the coming Friday. Okay, interesting! We're in and we're coming along. So we planned the sailing route and our departure time, as we were together in a pack, boat to boat. The next morning we left for Terschelling at 9:00 am together with many other sailors. We were the last to sail, as our mainsail was stuck, but the closer we got to Terschellingen, the more of our starters we overtook. When we arrived in the harbour, you could already see the crowd of sailboats. The harbour was very full, so again we had to lie in a pack with other boats. Well, what can we say, festival time. At the jetties there was already a lot of partying, it was a great atmosphere, many people from different nations had come and celebrated together.

There we were again, just like last year, we liked the island again. Terschelling has endless dunes and very long stretches of beach, which are not crowded even in summer. Even at festival time, you could quickly find your quiet spot in nature and relax.

After a few days, we decided to sail on to the island of Vlieland, which was recommended to us as the "most beautiful island" in Holland. So let's go there.

On Saturday we arrived in Vlieland after a good hour of sailing. We liked the harbour immediately, as every boat is allocated a box there. Luckily... no more lying in a pack with other boats... In Terschelling we ended up with a whole gang of men stumbling over our boat in a tour well drunk 🙂 .

Vlieland is a very small island with one town and a lot of nature. For people who really want peace and quiet, this is just the right thing, so it was perfect for us. We decided to stay here for a while. We liked the peace and quiet, so we could find time for our projects.



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