We would like to tell you about our first sailing trip of 2022, which took us from our home port in Den Osse to the island of Terschelling. The trip lasted a total of 14 days and was a fascinating experience for me.

I didn't know sailing, at least I never thought about sailing in my life. As I had spent more time in the mountains as a child and rarely spent time by the sea, this was a world that seemed very far away to me.

I packed my things and drove to our harbour with Hendrik directly after work. We sailed off that same evening in the dark, we were pressed for time, my days were numbered as I had to return to Germany in between to work during the trip.

The next day, after anchoring in front of the lock to get out to sea, we reached Scheveningen in the afternoon, where we made a stopover, as the beach promenade is known for cocktail bars, restaurants and a lot of action. We got sunburnt on our faces due to the sunny weather, we underestimated the sea air it was cold and no one thought to put on sunscreen, why would they, it was April 🙂 .

From there we went on to Ijmuiden and Amsterdam. In Amsterdam we visited some fairs that were interesting for Hendrik, among others Devconnect, which we sneaked into through the back door (Devconnect is a fair for developers & programmers). After that it was back to Germany for me.

My next step was Harlingen. Hendrik sailed from Amsterdam on his own through the Ijsselmeer to Leuwaarden and finally to Harlingen, where I joined him. We explored the town, which I liked very much. Here I also learned my first sailing manoeuvres and was immediately enthusiastic. I adjusted the sails correctly for the wind and actively helped to navigate the boat safely through the Wadden Sea with Hendrik.

We reached Terschelling the next day. The island is known for its unspoilt nature and the many leisure activities it offers. We enjoyed the peace and the vastness of the island. We took walks and cycled along the beach and through the dunes.

This trip was a real adventure for me and showed me how beautiful it is to discover the world from the water. It was the beginning of our journey, the desire for independence.

Your Anna



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  1. Thomas Kersten April 25, 2023 at 12:52

    Great report. Keep it up.

  2. Ute Mubarak May 9, 2023 at 22:30

    Hello Anna, hello Hendrik,
    I wish you a great time full of beautiful moments.
    I subscribed to the newsletter to share in your adventures.
    enjoy it and stay healthy.
    See you soon 👋
    Greeting "Auntie"😂 Ute🤗


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