Our home is finished. For many months we have tinkered and worked on the boat, together with the guys from Holland (Brouwershaven), to whom we are very grateful for the great support. Above all, we would like to thank Hendrik's father who, with his technical knowledge and many years of sailing experience, gave us good advice at all times and also helped us move onto the boat. Many thanks.

We installed new electrics and brought the boat up to date. Many things were no longer up to date and were no longer suitable for our longer tour. Safety on the boat is very important to us, which is why we have installed a new radio, AIS, radar, new wind transducer, extended the battery bank and added a heater for cold days. What will come in the next few weeks is that we will continue to expand the boat self-sufficiently.

Our Hanse 311, which was built in 2002, is 9.45m long and 3.23m wide. Our boat weighs about 4,200 kilograms and has a sail area of 52 square metres. We have an aft cabin and a berth in the foredeck, a saloon with galley (kitchen), a bathroom with toilet and sink and a storage room for our work stuff and very importantly space for our bikes.

Here is a little insight into our home.



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  1. Thomas Kersten April 25, 2023 at 12:31

    I was curious now and couldn't wait to have a look at your website with Elo.
    It's interesting to read all the details about your sailing ship.
    I am enthusiastic about technology. How you have brought an over 20 year old ship up to scratch, respect.
    That shows real enthusiasm without taking out the beautiful wooden furniture etc. just spoils the character of such a ship. Lots of plastic, blink 😜 today etc in the newer sailboats.
    Then I wish you much more fun working, enjoying and freedom. I think many will envy you even if you don't admit it 😉.
    Today a lot is made of speed, better still if it makes you happy?
    Nice informative website on the essentials.

    Greetings Thomas


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