We would like to give you an insight into our daily challenges on board our boat. Since mid-May we have decided to live at sea, and this step has changed many things fundamentally.

One of the first things we tackled was downsizing our belongings. With limited storage space on board, we had to prioritise and organise cleverly, because every inch of space counts, and we had to learn to think in unconventional ways to accommodate everything. Which was and is a challenge for us.

Another issue we face is resource management. On our boat there is a 100-litre water tank and a 50-litre diesel tank. This means that we have to plan carefully to be adequately supplied on longer trips. Extra jerry cans are our solution to ensure we are never short of water or diesel.

Adapting to life in a confined space is not always easy. We are two very different personalities, and this shows especially in our living space. My morning routine is full of energy, while Hendrik likes to linger in bed a little longer and takes a more sedate approach to the morning. Our different views on order and chaos are sometimes challenging, but we learn to compromise and learn from each other.

Communication is another aspect we need to work on. Hendrik, who was a single-handed sailor for years, is used to making decisions on his own. It happens that we don't communicate important information clearly and talk past each other. In such moments, we realise that we need to listen patiently and talk openly about our thoughts and feelings in order to avoid misunderstandings and function smoothly as a team.

Overall, our life at sea is a mixture of challenges and valuable lessons. We learn something new every day. The journey may not always be easy, but it is incredibly rewarding and we are grateful for the opportunity to experience it together.



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